Firm of the Year

Projects: University

Campbell University – Buies Creek, NC

Keith Hills Country Club Drainage Study (2011)

Duke University – Durham, NC

Chapel Drive Improvements (2019)

Duke University Road Tree Removal Study (2022)

East Campus Quad Site Improvements (2022 – In Design)

Feasibility Study and Phase I Duke University Road Streetscape Improvements (2020)

FY22 Switch Replacements Package 1 (2022 – In Design)

Graduate Studies Building, Site and Landscape Improvements (2022)

Undergraduate Admissions Buildings (2021)

East Carolina University – Greenville, NC

Building 43 Steam & Condensate Replacement (2023 – In Construction)

Clement Residence Hall Renovations (2018)

Coastal Studies Institute Research & Education Campus Master Plan (2010) Phase I Construction, Manteo, NC (2012) – LEED Gold Certified

Greene Residence Hall (2020)

Jones Residence Hall & The Galley Dining Hall, Addition & Renovation (2002)

Life Sciences and Biotechnology Building (2021) – LEED Silver Certified

Old Cafeteria Building, Addition & Renovation (2006)

Pirates Club and Athletic Ticketing Office Building Study (2004)

Rawl & Austin Buildings Steam Replacement (2014)

Rivers School of Nursing, Addition & Renovation (2005)

Scott Residence Hall Addition & Renovation (2010)

Student Recreation Center, Storm Drainage (2016)

Todd Dining Hall Exterior Stairs Improvements (2014)

Tyler Residence Hall Renovation (2012)

Elon University – Elon, NC

Global Neighborhood & Lakeside Dining Hall, New Construction (2013) – LEED Silver Certified

Fayetteville State University – Fayetteville, NC

Bryant & Vance Halls Demolition (2022 – In Construction)

College of Education Building, New Construction (2022 – In Design)

Health & Wellness Center (2021 – In Design)

Open-Ended Agreement for Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture (2023 – 2024)

Residence Hall, New Construction (2023 – In Construction)

University Place Apartments (2000)

Meredith College – Raleigh, NC

Mathematics and Science Building, New Construction (2005)

North Carolina State University – Raleigh, NC

Berry, Becton and Bagwell Residence Halls, Honors Building & Courtyard, Additions/Renovations (2006)

Bureau of Mines SCM and Drainage Study (2018)

Case Athletics Facility Dining Hall Sidewalk Additions/Renovation (2006)

Centennial Campus Partners1 HVAC Renovations (2014)

Centennial Biomedical Campus Facilities Operations Support Building (2015)

Centennial Biomedical Campus Parking Deck, New Construction (2010)

Centennial Campus Central Utility Plant (2019)

Centennial Campus Infrastructure (2017)

Centennial Campus Main Campus Drive Resurfacing (2016)

Centennial Campus Partners1 HVAC Renovations (2014)

Centennial Campus Steam Replacement (2021 – In Design)

Centennial Campus Thermal Utilities and Infrastructure (2018)

Centennial Campus Utility Conflict Repair (2021)

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Lake Wheeler Study (2016)

College of Veterinary Medicine Equine Education Building Water Service (2016)

College of Veterinary Medicine Equine & Farm Animal Hospital Study (2016)

College of Veterinary Medicine Linear Accelerator Lane Addition (2004)

College of Veterinary Medicine Land Use Study (2003)

Dabney Hall Water Intrusion (2018)

ES King Village Community Center & Courtyard, New Construction (2006)

ES King Village Roof Drains (2018)

Engineering Building III, New Construction (2010)

Facility Operations Center Site Assessment (2016)

Facilities Service Center Parking Lot Improvements (1999)

First Year College Commons Building, Additions/Renovations (2007)

Howling Cow Dairy Education Center and Creamery, Design-Build  (2019)

Jordan Hall Library Renovation (2022)

Meat Processing Facility Site Evaluations (1998)

Meat Processing Facility Two-Site Evaluations (1997)

Medium Voltage Distribution System Upgrade (2021 – In Design)

Memorial Belltower Restoration at Henry Square, Design-Build (2021) – Merit Award for Excellence in Project Implementation 

Nelson Hall (Poole College of Management) Addition Study (2007)

Nonwovens Institute Building Site Evaluations (2007)

Outdoor Aquatics Feasibility Study (2019)

Park Shops Existing Conditions Evaluation (2004)

Plant Sciences Building (2022) – LEED Gold Certified

Public Safety Center Building, New Construction (2005)

Randleigh Farm Site Study for Additional Services (1998)

Robertson, Biltmore Pulp & Paper and Jordan Halls Chilled Water Loop Extensions (2013)

Weisiger-Brown Athletic Facility, Additions/Renovations (2006)

Weisiger-Brown Athletic Facility Parking Lot Design (2017)

Weisiger-Brown Athletic Facility Parking Study (2015)

University of Mount Olive – Mount Olive, NC

Annie Mae Whitfield and Everett Edwin Herring Residence Halls, Common Area & Courtyard, New Construction (2009)

New Student Bookstore Study (2009)

UNC-Chapel Hill – Chapel Hill, NC

Academic Affairs Utility Improvements, Phase 3 (2018) Phase 4 (Design Complete, Construction on Hold)

Alexander, Connor, Winston Residence Halls & Courtyard Additions & Renovations (2003)

Art Studio Fire Protection (2022 – In Design)

Aycock, Graham Residence Halls Renovations (1998)

Bingham Hall Renovation (2022 – In Design)

Boshamer Stadium Pavement Repair (2023)

Caldwell Hall ADA Study (2022)

Carrington Hall School of Nursing, Additions & Renovations (2005) – LEED Certified

Cheek/Clark Renovations (2018)

Chilled Water Infrastructure Improvements (2022 – In Design/Advanced Planning)

Cobb (Northeast) Parking Deck, Chiller Plant & Tennis Courts, (along with Alexander, Cobb, Everett, Joyner & Lewis Residence Halls Courtyard Renovations) New Construction (2007)

Cogeneration Facility Steam Tunnel Replacement (2014)

Cogeneration Facility Steam Tunnel Replacement Project including:

  • Carolina Inn Path Restoration, Miller Hall Parking Lot Improvements & Nash Park Design (2013)

Cogeneration Facility Tunnel Replacement (2009)

Cogeneration Plant Tunnel Replacement – South Columbia Street Realignment (2007)

Craige Parking Deck Expansion Phases I & II (2014)

DLAM Vivarium Improvements McGavran-Greenberg Hall (2020)

DLAM Vivarium Improvements Coker Hall (On Hold)

Facilities Services Chilled Water Plant (2007)

FedEx Global Education Center, New Construction (2007)

FORBL and Bingham Site Improvements (2019)

Gerrard Hall, Additions/Renovations (2008)

Gerrard, Hanes & Memorial Halls, Playmakers Theater & YMCA Stormwater Cistern Study (2005)

Gilsulate Steam System Replacement Package A – Fetzer Path Restoration (2008)

Glen Lennox Soccer Fields Feasibility Study (Rainbow Fields Feasibility Study) (2004)

Hanes Hall, Gerrard Halls, YMCA, and South Building Courtyards (2007)

Hanes Hall Renovations (2008)

Hooker Fields Steam Tunnel/Bleacher Study (2017)

Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center – The Anita Friedman Goldrich Memorial Garden (2006)

Manning Hall Accessible Entrance Ramp (2012)

Odum Village Accessibility Improvements (2017)

Open-Ended Agreement for Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture (2023 – 2024)

Pittsboro Street 1939 Steam Tunnel Accessibility Improvements (2006)

Playmakers Theater (former Smith Hall) Renovations (2008)

Raleigh Street Rock Walls Landscape Design (2005)

Sara Lee Gifford Memorial Azalea Garden Improvements (2008)

Saunders Hall Steam Extension Inventory & Estimate (2004)

South Chiller Plant Storage Tank Site Stabilization & Drainage Options Study (2014)

Steam Tunnel Vent Rehabs (2015)

Steele Building Renovations (2008)

Tomkins Chilled Water Plant Site Stabilizations & Drainage Improvements (2017)

YMCA Building Renovations (2007)

UNC-Greensboro – Greensboro, NC

Foust Building Facility Condition Assessment (2022)

Open-Ended Agreement for Landscape Architecture (2023 – 2024)

Kaplan Center for Wellness Advanced Planning (2011) New Construction (2016) – LEED Gold Certified

Reynolds & Grogan Residence Hall Renovations (2013)

Spartan Village Phase II (2018)

Steam Distribution System Phase II/III (2014 )

UNC-Pembroke – Pembroke, NC

Business Administrations Building (2023 – In Design)

Health Sciences Building (2023 – In Design)

Irwin Belk Athletic Complex – Grace P. Johnson Football Stadium Pressbox, Additions (2008)

Biotech Research Facility, Addition (2008)

Weinstein Health Science Building, New Construction (2012) – LEED Silver Certified

Oxendine Science Building, Additions & Renovations (2005)

Pine Residence Hall, Courtyard Addition (2003)

Winston-Salem State University – Winston-Salem, NC

Hauser Hall, Additions & Renovations (2022 – In Design)

K.R. Williams Auditorium, Additions & Renovations (2022 – In Design)

CLH design, p.a. – HUB/WBE Firm

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